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    Smart factory will move the five industries development climax

      At present, the global manufacturing industry is in the process of transformation and upgrading, but China must combine their own national conditions and steadily move. The expert points out, China‘s intelligent manufacturing should revolve around "data-driven intelligent manufacturing".
      Intelligent currently made in China there are two main tasks: one is the single point of intelligence, such as nc machine tools, robots, 3 d printing, etc.; The other is a single point of co-ordinated global intellectualization. At present, the following three problems hindering the development of the intelligent manufacturing in China to be solved:
      First, the system of intelligent manufacturing standard specification is still not perfect. Intelligent manufacturing standards system in China is not perfect mainly embodied in two aspects. First of all, intelligent manufacture top frame of reference. In China there is no set up a complete intelligent manufacturing top-level frame of reference, intelligent manufacture progressive logic relationship step by step a framework is not yet clear. At present, the German electrical and electronics industry association released 4.0 4.0 reference architecture and definition of industrial components, intelligent products and business model for enterprises to develop in the future to lay the foundation. At the same time, in order to ATT, cisco, companies such as general motors, and IBM, Intel, led by America‘s Internet industry alliance is from physical systems, sensors and actuators, equipment management, data management and analysis service, application and integration, business system and so on seven aspects to industrial Internet reference framework. Second, the intelligent manufacturing key technology standard is not unified. Internet of things related to intelligent manufacturing, intelligent equipment and robot, big data and cloud computing, software and other key technology development path is not clear, specific corresponding standards have not yet unified, cause poor compatibility between different manufacturers products, high integration difficult.
      Second, the Internet industry structure to be cracked. The Internet industry is to realize the equipment, products, people, etc a variety of heterogeneous network centralized network connectivity, is the network of the network.
      Industrial heterogeneous network includes RFID in the Internet, bluetooth, Zigbee, WiFi and cellular network is suitable for different communication distance, wireless communications networks with different communication protocols, including TCP/IP protocol based LAN cable networks such as Internet and special agreement. Between different heterogeneous network in network architecture, the reference frame, data structure, response mechanism and the way of addressing communication protocol content has a bigger difference. If the integration between heterogeneous network problems not solve, industrial big data interaction, storage, and mining would be subject to restrictions, such as the lifecycle of the product value-added services will also be affected. Therefore, it is necessary to define the transfer mechanism of gateway between heterogeneous networks, can build a fusion of different heterogeneous network, unified system of industrial Internet architecture.
      Third, the traditional industry management mode with the "Internet + manufacturing" doesn‘t fit the new model. Industrialized era system mechanism and management pattern with "Internet + manufacturing" new pattern does not adapt, mainly reflected in three aspects.
      First is the traditional production and new production relations does not adapt. The vigorous development of the new thing if it will impact the existing rules. Countries to "Internet + industry" innovation and development trends to deal with is insufficient, the lack of long-term strategic thinking and effective management mode. Existing manufacturing policy is still the old industrial way of thinking, may be in such aspects as regulation measure, administrative examination and approval on the "Internet + industry" development.
      Followed by the industry to accelerate the cross-border fusion and fragmented industry management system does not adapt. "Internet + manufacturing" is not just the ministry, but all government departments highly collaborative, overall planning of a great article. At present, the government information to promote departments in the government system is still in the subordinate position on the level of technology and tools, lack of cross-sectoral, cross-industry, and at the head of the global capacity, which leads to the formation of information islands between related departments, difficult to adapt to the "Internet + manufacturing" brought by the changing industry trends.
      Again is the basis of the growing information resource sharing and business collaboration don‘t adapt to the demand and regulatory way. Manufacturing industry chain upstream and downstream links of the height of the synergy of enterprise credit reporting database, industry database, the establishment of the legal persons and other basic information database resources, open and sharing is put forward higher requirements. At present, our country has not yet been established to cope with industry based on information resources sharing of business security mechanism and regulation mode, industry chain upstream and downstream in the open sharing of information resources.