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    Pump with dry gas sealing principle and main characteristics
      Pump with dry gas seal is a kind of new type sealing types of high performance, long life, on the structure of it is different from common mechanical seal was significantly: dynamic and static ring seals broad; In the ring and static ring end face on fluid dynamic pressure groove with special shape, such as spiral groove, groove depth generally between 3 and 10 PM. When high speed rotation ring, ring and static ring end face the spiral groove on the outer diameter of high-pressure gas pumping down the seals, gas flows from the outer diameter to the center, and the sealing dam measured gas flow to the center, then the compressed gas pressure, forming high trough at the base. Face film formation pressure forming open force, in a sealed stable operation, the opening force and by the role in the compensation loop on the back of the gas pressure and spring force closing force balance of the formation, seal keep the non-contact, no wear, the gas film thickness in general to maintain in 2...
    Gear pump troubleshooting
      Gear pump is through a pair of parameters and the structure of the same mutual rolling involute gear meshing, the low pressure oil within the tank can rise to power an important part of a high pressure oil. The is the engine‘s mechanical energy into hydraulic energy power plant. Dongfanghong - 75 tractors and using CB46 dongfanghong - 60, 70 t bulldozer gear pump. Dongfanghong tractor and kt bulldozers dongfanghong - 802-802/802 k using CBN - E450 or CBTI - E550 type gear pump, the pump flow is big, good reliability. The common fault of the following in the process of its use.
      1, the internal gear pump parts wear and tear
      Pump the wear of the internal parts can cause of leakage. Between the floating collar and gear end leakage area is large, is the main cause of leakage. This part of the leakage quantity 50% ~ 50% of all internal leakage. The wear of leakage of pump volume efficiency drops, oil pump output power is much lower than the input power...
    Centrifugal pump is used nursing methods
      Best hunter centrifugal pumps are widely used in water conservancy, chemical industry, etc, on the point of the selection and analysis of energy consumption is increasingly attention. Point, refers to the actual water yield and head of the pump device in a transient, shaft power, efficiency, and on the vacuum suction height, etc., it said the pump work ability. Usually, the centrifugal pump flow rate and pressure head may be inconsistent with the piping system, or because the production task change, technological requirements, need to adjust the flow of the pump, its essence is to change the working condition of centrifugal pump. In addition to the engineering design stage centrifugal pump selection is correct or not, working condition of centrifugal pump in the actual use of choice will directly affect the user‘s energy consumption and cost. Therefore, how to change the working condition of centrifugal pump reasonably point is particularly important.
    Submerged pump operation maintenance
      Mechanical seal repair:
      Static seal tight as possible. Static ring sealing ring in static state, the basic relatively tight sealing effect will be better, but too tight is also harmful. One is the cause of excessive static ring seal for deformation, affect the sealing effect; Second, if the static ring material is graphite, generally brittle, excessive stress can easily cause fracture; Three is to install and remove the difficult and easy to damage the static ring.
      Ring seal tight as possible. Actually ring seal tight more harm than good. One is the wear between seal and shaft sleeve, prematurely leak; 2 it is to increase the axial adjustment, mobile, the resistance of the ring in working condition changes frequently unable to timely adjust; 3 it is spring fatigue damage easily; Four is to make the ring seal deformation, affect the sealing effect.
      The greater the amount of spring compression seal the better the results. Actually oth...
    Ultrasonic cleaning system common problems
      Evaluation of an ultrasonic cleaning system is working correctly for now is not a general quantitative standard is a relatively common methods commonly used "foil test method" and "graphite slide test method" and some with water meter test method. The above several methods of are as relative testing method. In the process of the actual test due to the effect of factors such as temperature test water cleaning fluid test results only reference value. As our products on the equipment control panel set up an intuitive two-color light-emitting article level meter intuitive display setting and the relationship of the output current can be a reference to evaluate the ultrasonic system working state. In developing a new type of product is also equipped with interactive display direct digital display, the current, voltage, frequency parameters such as operation time. Need to know accurate ultrasonic system working condition as a can choose the way is to detect ultrasonic...